The Journal of the Foundation Year Network: A Publication By and For the (Foundation Year) People

  • Doug Ingram University of Nottingham


This article-length editorial seeks to explain the purpose of the Journal of the Foundation Year Network, relating this purpose to the ‘objects’ of the Foundation Year Network. It then seeks to explore what has characterised the Journal since its inception in 2018, using the theme from that year’s annual conference, ‘Unity and Diversity in the Foundation Year Experience’, to structure the discussion. It ends with a conclusion that reflects a little on how JFYN might develop in the future, with a direct address to you, the reader, to consider how you could be part of that development! The purpose of the editorial is to give a clear indication of the vision that drives the Journal in the hope that you might better understand the purposes it serves and the ways in which it does that so that you are clearer about what role YOU might play in its development over coming years.


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