Beyond PowerPoint: Creating a Love for Revision

  • Anje Conradie Loughborough University
Keywords: hotspot graphs, mind maps, multiple-choice, games, flash cards


This paper will look at the various online resources that can be used to encourage and support students in their studies. The foundation year at Loughborough University teaches four modules to students who will progress to the School of Business and Economics: Micro-economics, Macro-economics, Business Finance and Marketing. Other than PowerPoint used in lectures, online resources were created to aid students in their learning such as: mind maps, hot spot graphs, online glossaries and flash cards, as well as multiple choice questions and games. Mind maps, flash cards and multiple choice questions were valued by students. The game had potential and should be better utilised. However, the online glossary and hot spot graphs must be reviewed.




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Author Biography

Anje Conradie, Loughborough University

Anje completed her master’s degree at the University of Stellenbosch in 2001 where she created a training program for the South African Defense Force to teach new recruits how to read maps using computer-based training which included virtual reality software. After her degree, she authored a series of textbooks for Oxford University Press. After relocating to the United Kingdom, she lectured at Durham University for nine years, developing the Study Skills and Business modules for the Foundation Centre. New beginnings in 2016 saw the start of a new adventure at Loughborough University where Anje is the module leader for the Business and Economics modules. 

Anje is passionate about the foundation year as it is a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the academic future of a new student. This passion is also reflected in researching alternate modes of representing new information, such as mind maps, flash cards and interactive graphs.