Directive Resources in Promoting Student Confidence and Communication Skills in Team-Based Learning

  • Samantha Davenward Keele University


Team-based learning (TBL) is becoming more popular within active learning environments as its collaborative nature is deemed beneficial for promoting deep learning experiences. However, this is only effective when students fully engage in the discussions. In TBL sessions we conducted, although students appeared generally to be engaged, it was noticed that the overall discussions were often limited, which negates the collaborative nature of TBL and does not provide the supportive environment needed to promote learning. This prompted pedagogic research in how to enhance the level of discussion occurring within the teams during TBL sessions. It was deduced that students may not fully appreciate the expectations of participating collaboratively within a group, which prompted the provision of directive resources to promote students’ confidence and enhance the depth of discussions. The directive resources provoked some positive changes in students’ behaviours and confidence within discussions. Recommendations that have emerged from this project relate to providing more guidance on discussions and group collaborations, and the allocation of team roles. However, wider recruitment and longitudinal studies are now needed to confirm the extent of the benefits.


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