Co-creation, Gamification and Motivation

  • Amy Stickels University of Warwick
  • Anna Tranter University of Warwick


Gamification and co-creation are increasingly popular pedagogies in undergraduate studies. Gamification works on the basis that learners engage more when they are having fun. However, much of this is controlled by the teacher, who designs and manages the experience – but what learning can be gained from handing over control to the students through co-creation? Throughout the academic year 2021-22, Business and Philosophy foundation year students studying on the International Foundation Programme at an English university were challenged to write and take part in recap quizzes using Kahoot! following asynchronous lectures. This paper discusses the use of this quizzing technology in the classroom and explores how empowering students to co-create has a motivational benefit, according to Self Determination Theory (SDT), as well as a deep learning benefit for students, and additionally enables teachers to check understanding.


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